Tips & FAQs

Where do I find the Card Number and Security Code (PIN) for my card?

Your Starbucks Card number is a 16-digit number found on the back of your Starbucks Card. The Security Code (PIN) is an 8-digit number also found on the back of your Starbucks Card. On most cards, you will need to scratch off the gray scratch label at the bottom of the card to reveal the security code.

I get "Invalid security code" when I try to enter my Starbucks Duetto credit card.

For your security and privacy, Starbucks Duetto Visa and Mastercards are not yet supported by Starbucks Mobile on any platform, as your card number and security code are the same as your credit card number and pin. I recommend getting a reloadable Starbucks Card and setting up your Duetto card for reloads. This will give you double the rewards and save you money.

My phone just got a System Update and now my rewards points are updating.

The new update for you phone may have updated your phones method of encryption. Since My Coffee Card keeps your rewards account encrypted for your protection, you may need to re-enter your password for you rewards data to continue updating.

I upgraded to My Coffee Card Pro but it's not showing my card.

If you have upgraded to the Pro version from the free version, you will need to transfer your cards to the Pro version.

First, open the Free version (the icon without a plus over the Androids head), then press the Settings button and press Backup. Second, open the Pro version (the icon with the plus over the Androids head), then press the Settings button and press Restore.

You will also need to replace your home screen widgets if you are using them. This is not something that can automatically be changed with the restore. Once you have transferred your cards and widgets, you do not need keep the free version installed any more.

Where can I use the mobile pay solution?

You can use My Coffee Card for Android at any Starbucks location that accepts mobile payments on iPhone and Blackberry. This includes nearly 6,800 Starbucks locations across the United States and at all Target licensed stores. Mobile payments are not yet accepted at other licensed stores such as Safeway and Albertsons.

My Starbucks store has the scanners but I get a "barcode format not recognized" error when using it.

Starbucks Mobile Pay is a new program launched at most Starbucks stores on Jan 19, 2011, and many baristas are not yet trained to use the program. If your barista reports a "barcode format not recognized" or similar error, simply instruct them to the press "Tender Starbucks Card" on their register and re-scan the bar code.

I get an "unable to generate bar code message" when I click on the bar code image or button.

My Coffee Card must access an online server when generating the bar code image, so your phone must be online at that time. This is a one time process and after the bar code is generated you can reuse it at any time offline. If you are at a Starbucks Store and have WiFi turned on, you may be connected to their WiFi but have not yet agreed to their terms of service, so you will not be able to access the internet and generate a barcode. To fix this, either open a browser and accept the Wireless Access terms and conditions or turn off WiFi and try again.

A small number of users have reported that a blank barcode image is generated. If this happens, you will need to clear the applications cache by pressing Home < Menu < Settings < Applications < Manage applications < My Coffee Card < Clear cache (not Clear data). This issue has been fixed in version 1.0.0 of the application.

How do I see my Reward Points in the app?

Open the application from the My Coffee Card icon in the app drawer, not from a widget. Then press Settings < My Starbucks Account and enter your username and password. The application will then show your reward stars on the main screen of the application and on any widgets you have placed on your home screens.

If you do not already have a account for earning Starbucks Rewards, go to and create a new account. Registering your Starbucks Cards has many benefits including free drink updates, free drinks on your birthday, and free drinks every 15 stars after you reach the Gold level.

How do I set a PIN to protect my mobile pay barcode?

Open the application from the My Coffee Card icon in the app drawer, not from a widget. Then press Settings < Lock barcode screen. You will then be prompted to enter and confirm your payment barcode unlock PIN.

I forgot my PIN for my mobile pay barcode, what do I do?

For security purposes, the PIN that you set must be used to change or remove the PIN for the barcode. If you don't remember the PIN that you set, you will need to clear out your My Coffee Card app data. Open up your phone's Settings and go to 'Applications'. Go to 'Manage Applications', choose My Coffee Card and click the 'Clear data' button. PLEASE NOTE: this will clear all of your data from the app, including cards, PIN and rewards account details. Now you can go back into My Coffee Card and re-add your cards, account details and set a new PIN.

How do I remove a card from My Coffee Card?

Open the application from the My Coffee Card icon in the app drawer, not from a widget. Then press and hold on the card you wish to remove and select "Delete card" from the popup menu.

Why was the application name and logo changed?

On February 14 2011, Starbucks sent Apps by birbeck a cease and desist letter requesting the immediate removal of the Starbucks name mark and Siren logo from the applications branding. In compliance with with their demands, the application name was changed to My Coffee Card and the logo was changed to remove the Starbucks Siren replace it with a more appropriate Android branding.