"Rename this App" Contest

About this contest

Starbucks Card Widget was released on January 17 2011, and was an instant hit. The application rose to the top of the Lifestyle category and search results in two days and is on track to reach the 50,000 download milestone before its one month anniversary. With >98% positive feedback, many see no reason to wait any longer for Starbucks' official offering for Android or believe that Starbucks should partner with Apps by birbeck for the official Starbucks app for Android. Unfortunately, Starbucks has shown no interest in such a collaboration and instead has issued a cease and desist demand over the use of the "Starbucks" word mark and application logo as they claim it infringes on their intellectual property.

Prior to the release of the application, several requests were sent to Starbucks Corporation requesting permission to be granted to use the intellectual property owned by Starbucks Corporation, but all such requests were ignored. Anywhere the Starbucks Siren logo or name have been used, due credit has been given to Starbucks Corporation as the sole owner of the claimed infringing property, but apparently this does not satisfy their demands. Rather than getting into a legal dispute over trademark law, fair use and due diligence, I have decided to act in good faith and promptly change the infringing property in my applications branding.

The logo has already been taken care of, and I think most will like the change, but I wanted to give the community a chance to submit their recommendations for a new application name. The winning entry will receive a $25 Starbucks Card eGift and two runner-ups will receive a $10 Starbucks Card eGift.

Official Rules

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